1. I registered as an organ donor before December 2016 and have an ORGAN DONOR CARD. Is this still valid and does it mean I am still registered as an organ donor?
    NO. If you registered as an organ donor before December 2016 and have an ORGAN DONOR CARD you have to register again. Due to the absence of a legislative framework the data collected before December 2016 could not be stored. We now have the National Human Organ and Tissue Donation Register according to the provisions of the Human Organs, Tissues And Cell Donation Act, Chapter 558, and all Data is processed and stored according to the Data Protection Act.
  2. From what age can I register as an organ donor?
    To register as an organ donor you need to be sixteen years or over.
  3. Is there an age limit?
    No, there is no age limit.
  4. If I have a medical condition, can I donate my organs/tissues?
    Yes, you can still be a donor if you have a medical condition. Healthcare professionals will decide whether your organs/tissues are suitable for transplant based on your medical history when the situation of organs/tissues donation arises.
  5. With the new legislation will my relatives be allowed to overturn my decision?
    No. The relatives will not be able to overturn your wish, nonetheless it is extremely important to discuss your decision with your loved ones, during your life.
  6. What is the National Human Organ and Tissues Donation Register?
    The National Human Organ and Tissues Donation Register is a confidential national database that retains the details of people who wish or who do not wish to donate their organs after their death.
  7. If I register does it mean that I will be asked to donate organs or tissues while I’m still alive?
    No, not at all. However if you ever decide to become a living donor this is also possible.
    Contact helpline telephone number 2595 3324 or send an email to Send an email to the Organ Donation for more details.
  8. After I register my wish to donate my organs and/or tissues, can I still change my mind?
    Yes. You can change your wish to donate your organs and/or tissues by filling in another form or by completing an electronic form available on www.organdonation.gov.mt. Your wish will be updated immediately.
  9. Will being a declared organ donor (to donate after my death) influence the care I receive in hospital?
    Organ and tissues donation is not even considered until all possible efforts to save a person’s life have been exhausted and death has been declared.
  10. Can I choose which organs/tissues to donate?
    Yes. If desired, a donor can specify which organs/tissues can be donated. The registration form provides for this.
  11. Who will process the personal information collected?
    The information is only processed by healthcare professionals involved in the coordination of organ donation and transplantation. Personal data is not maintained after death. The Data Controller is the Directorate for Healthcare Standards.